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Attention: Please do not book flights yet! The festival & camp will definitely still happen from 23.2.-12.3.2019, but we might have to change the location and move to the island of La Palma. There has been a burglary and some destruction in our hostel and it might not be repaired before April 2019. We will keep you informed here.

The place on La Palma is also amazing and wonderful. It is where the La Palma Contactfestivals are also happening in November and January:


11th International Contact Improvisation Festival Fuerteventura 2019

*Festival* 2.-8.3.2019

*Contact Camp* 23.2.-12.3.2019

We will probably be there even earlier and stay longer, please contact us...


Pre Festival Workshop 28.2.+1.3.2019

with Elske Seidel (DEU), Daniel Werner (DEU) und Gabi Neumann (DEU)


Post Festival Workshop 9.3.2019

with Rohland Frenzel (DEU/ ESP)

With optional overnight stay in the desert and morning meditation


If you have questions, please check the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) first and then do not hesitate to contact us!
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