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... is a very powerful volcanic island, consisting at first sight mostly of volcanic stone and sand. However, when you take a closer look you will find millions of tiny flowers reaching up toward the sky between the stones. On your walks through the desert you will find lush flower and palm tree fields hidden wherever the ground is lower, and water is more accessible. You will notice the beautiful play of light and color in the vast mountainous landscape, - mostly shades of red, brown and green, contrasted by pitch black. You can walk anywhere in the landscape. No fence will stop you. Walk up the volcanoes, see the craters, be there, dance there! Be alive where you are!



Fuerteventura has a great variety of beaches which are all very different, ranging from enormous white sand beaches and sand dunes to beautiful magical lagoons and harsh cliffs. We will be living in the North near Lajares which means we have easy access to the West, North and East coast of the island, which are all very distinct.



The water is huge playground.
We recommend bringing your 'water equipment', if you have any.

  • wet suit (might be worth renting one - if you don't have one - so you can enjoy the water longer!)
  • nose clip (for contact and 3 dimensional work under water)
  • flippers
  • body board
  • goggles
  • snorkels
  • your boards and surfing stuff
  • ...


Fuerteventura is well-known for its fantastic Surf possibilities. This is your chance to get on the board and practice your contact skills on the waves! If there is enough interest a surf course will be taught by local surf teacher Peter, check out
You can book this option for a very special low price in combination with the festival. We recommend doing the surfing during *Contact Camp*

... (around € 100-120€/ 5 days, 2h per day, including wet suit and board, or around 25€/2 hours taster). Beginners welcome! Dates will be negotiated with Peter once we are there. Sometimes the course is also just for 1-3days.