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We will study the forces of gravity in the focus & clarity of the studio as well as taking the exploration into different elements and onto different surfaces. Each re-informing the body while nourishing our dance and our souls.

Besides the experience in the workshops there will be different elements of our journey together:

  • Outdoor Play
  • Jams
  • Spaciousness
  • Sharing Circle
  • Singing Circles


Outdoor Play

There will be structured outdoor dance explorations, called outdoor play, happening in very special and magical sites, including the volcano itself and the Sahara Sand Dunes!


Volcanic Crater (outdoor play)

Fuerteventura has many powerful volcanoes. We will dance with our favorite one. Hiking up to the top step by step we will listen, sense, see and feel the crater. Opening to its power and our senses, we will work with space, stones and sound, taking the feeling of the experience into our meeting in dance.


Sand Dunes (outdoor play)

Playing and dancing in Fuerteventura's huge sand dunes is amazing! The sand's special feel originates in Africa which is about 100 km away. The fine grained sand travels on the wind directly from the Sahara to the East coast of the island. The dunes are a playground! The top of each soft rise in itself is an invitation for delight, jumping free, rolling, falling and flying - in solo movement exploration as well as duet and group jamming. Taking ourselves over the edge, journeying up and down the sliding hills.

Under the open sky, how does this soft, warm surface influence our dance? When dancing Contact Improvisation outdoors often momentum play is slowed or dies on non-sliding surfaces like earth, grass, sand, rock, or concrete etc. But what if it doesn't? If you play on a tilted surface which gives - like a sand dune - momentum and gravity are at work in new fascinating ways. As you move the surface beneath you is lose and everything is moving.


Desert (outdoor play)

The amazing sand dunes near the ocean are transforming into the soft slopes of a sand desert moving inland. We will dance in the vastness of space and sky, on one side the ocean on the other the hills of the volcanos. We will dance into the sunset, changing light and shadows, bringing magical colors to this place. Experiencing emptiness & fullness.



One morning, and in the evenings and we will have focused and open jamming, indoors and outdoors. Some with partially guided warm ups and live music.
This is the time to celebrate CI, doing what we love, sharing dance, meeting in our endless playground, time to BE & integrate our experience from the day into our own dance exploration.



Each day there will be free time, mostly during the afternoon, and sometimes in the morning. We want to give spaciousness to just BE. We want to allow space for all of us to meet the place and eventually ourselves. Connecting to the island, listening and adjusting to its slow and powerful rhythm. Doing whatever we wish, even nothing. Following our interests and instincts, needs and curiosities. We can choose to spend time alone or with people. Nothing has to happen.
Some days we will stay in a location after a workshop, bringing food to the location, so there is time to just be there. We will create the space so that our dance can continue, so that whatever wants to happen can happen.


Sharing Circle

When in a festival, in a new place with a lot of people, sharing life and dance together, a lot of things may move inside of us. We might resist, struggle, laugh, sigh and need our voice. We might need quiet, or we might want to process our stories out loud, a lot can happen. Gathering in small family-like circles, we can listen to and learn from each other, as we share our inner experience. The festival is about supporting ourselves and each other. We learn in community, as individuals finding ourselves unfolding in the dance of life.