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There will be 3 delicious meals: breakfast, dinner and a simple, light lunch/ picnic.
Breakfast and dinner will be served at the Albergue el Cohombrillo, our festival hostel.
Lunch will be adjusted to our dancing and served either in the hostel or at the location where we are dancing.

Please Note: In general we would like to create a communal event where all participants are not only sharing their interest in CI but also sharing life together. We are interested in creating an awareness and mindfulness with each other. Making community and honoring the space we are living in together. Creating, working, and involving yourself instead of passively taking and consuming.
The cooking will be provided by our outstanding chef Edu (who has been cooking for us for many years) and our wonderful helpers' team. This will be supported by all of us. The dishwashing will be done by all participants.
During the festival we will ask you for your participation in keeping our spaces clean.



You can stay in our nice simple festival hostel the Albergue el Cohombrillo (10-14 people per room in bunk-beds). Please bring your own sheets, warm sleeping bag and pillow (we will inform you about the possibility of renting sheets & thin blankets shortly before the festivals starts).
Or - bring your own tent! This is - in our mind - the most beautiful option and closest to nature! You can put your tent directly on the premises. All around the hostel (albergue) there is enormous open space to camp!



440-390 € (depending on your income/ financial resources, self-assessment) including workshops, jams, housing (hostel or own tent) and food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) during the festival from March 2-8, 2019.

During *Contact Camp* the week before and after the festival, the hostel is available for € 10 / night. During this time the kitchen can be used for individual or community cooking. Please check out ci- camp.



Please feel welcome to be a helper on our team!

In general we want to create a collective awareness for dancing, living and working together. We welcome helping hands and we wish for everybody to enjoy the dance of working well together. We intend to increase awareness from dancing contact. Our aim is to expand and influence our ways of communicating, being with each other and running our lives. We welcome active involvement rather than passive consumption. We are interested in melting the difference between 'working helpers' and 'helping participants'.

We need official helpers who will support our festival. They will be the heart of this spirit, a center for mindfulness at the core of our festival - spreading it through their pure existence  - reaping incalculable reward and paying less!

If you want to be a helper, you will be working 12-14 hours in total and pay € 300-240 (depending on your income/ financial resources, self-assessment) for the festival instead of € 440-390. This works out to be about 2h of work a day, at about € 10 per hour as compensation/ payment.

We will divide the hours, in a fair way, among all the helpers. Organizing this on site. 
We will need helping hands for preparing both the morning and the evening meals.

Things to do are: 

  • working 1-2 hours before breakfast and lunch: preparing and setting up things
  • working 2-3 hours before dinner: supporting the cook, cutting veggies and general prep
  • we need 2 helpers who will do the shopping (with a car)

Moreover we need a few people who would like to be our On-Call-Helpers. These are people who want to do more hours if needed. This would be helpful for us in case of emergency, in case something unexpected happens and we need more helping power. 

If you would like to be part of the helping team and pay less or if you have any questions about this please contact Gabi: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.