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Welcome dancing Sun-Seekers!

This festival celebrates our CI community!
Out from the end of European winter, opening into our own spring. 
We will share dance in a warm sunny climate, doing what we love.

Alive with the surroundings, hearing the qualities of nature, feeling deep.
Away on an island, a community, circled by water, living together embracing our time & place with movement.

This festival is about ‘dancing bodies & dancing places’. Allowing ourselves to sink … into the volcano, into sand, into self, other … floating into earth & sky.

Learn from the island itself. Expand the mind and open the body.

Inside with the clarity and precision of the studio and outside with wind, sand, stone and water, to the experience itself – we will listen.
Researching the forces of gravity in the focus of the studio as well as taking the exploration out into various elements and onto different surfaces, each re- informing the body while nourishing our dance & our souls.

There will be:

  • Contact Improvisation Workshops Outdoors: beaches, sand dunes, volcanoes and desert!
  • Contact Improvisation Workshops Indoors
  • Focused & Open Jamming (with and without life music)
  • Lagoon Jam into Sunset
  • Desert Night Jam
  • Canyon Excursion
  • Sharing Circles
  • Evening Bodywork
    Somatics into Moving
  • Singing Circles
  • Disco Party!
  • Lots & lots of spaciousness to just BE

Our vision is to create a sense of play within the group, inviting involvement and creativity. Supporting each of us to follow our interests, ideas, needs, curiosities and our JOY.

Check our Timetable, Teachers & Workshop and Indoor & Outdoor for specifics!



440-390 € (depending on your income/ financial resources, self-assessment) including workshops, jams, housing (hostel or own tent) and food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) during the festival from March 2-8, 2019.
More info see Logistics -> Price.

The week before and after the festival we are welcoming you to *Contact Camp* for  € 10 / night (23.2.-12.3.2019) -  for more information check CI-Camp.

During Contact Camp there will be a two day
*Pre Festival Workshop* 
Feb 28 + March 1, 2019
with Elske Seidel (Ger), Daniel Werner und Gabi Neumann (Ger)
Contact Improvisation Training:
Tools & Toys for all levels - Systematic, Somatic, Playful
3 h/ day
sliding scale 60-90 € (pay as you can)

For more info see Pre Workshop

*Post Festival Workshop*
March 9, 2019 in the desert
with Rohland Frenzel (Ger)
From Silence to Action
2x 3h (with optional overnight stay in the desert and morning meditation)
sliding scale 60-90 € (pay as you can)