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Contact Festival Fuerteventura: Registration 2018


Costs for the festival week: (for before and after see CI-Camp)

430-370 € (depending on your income/ financial resources, self-assessment (nach Selbsteinschätzung)) including workshops, jams (everything in the program), housing (hostel or own tent) and food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) during the festival from March 3-9, 2018


Please register online here:


Yes, you can put my email address on the list of participants.
No, please do not put my email address on the list of participants


I sleep in the dormitory
I bring my own tent

Helpers: I did or am planning to apply for a helper job
Personal message
  • please use the emailaddress (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for general questions.
  • you can only register as a helper, if you have a "yes" from the coordinator!

The registration is valid with a deposit of 140 €. Please make a money transfer to:

Name: Elske Seidel
Kontonummer/Account number: 1008734624
Bankleitzahl/Bank code: 120 300 00
IBAN: DE45 1203 0000 1008 7346 24
BIC/Swift-Code: BYLADEM1001
Name of the Bank: Deutsche Kreditbank AG
Address of the Bank: Taubenstraße 7–9
10117 Berlin
Verwendungszweck/Subject: Contactfestival Fuerte

If you transfer from abroad in Europe, please transfer the money with a European-Standard Transfer (SEPA), and in €URO, even from the UK. And we will need 140€ to arrive on our account, so you haver to cover possible transaction fees.

After you correctly filled out the registration formular you will get a confirmation via email.

After you received the registration receipt by mail the registration will be valid. This legally obliges you to send the deposit. We should receive the deposit latest 2 weeks after you received the registration receipt.

If you cancel until 4 weeks before the festival we keep € 50 for our effort. If you cancel until 2 weeks before we keep the deposit. If you cancel later we keep the whole festival fee, and if you have not transfered the full amount in advance, you are obliged to pay it within one week after the festival by bank transfer. Please make a travel cancellation insurance, which you will pay for in case of illness, injury, etc..

We will probably have a Photografer and/or Videomaker at the festival, for further documentation and publicity. Please let us know, if you do not want be on Foto/Video.

The participation is on your own risk.
I recognize, the organizers, helpers and teachers cannot be held liable for any loss, damages or injuries.

I will pay the rest in cash at the arrival.

Yes, I recognize, the organizers, helpers and teachers cannot be held liable for any loss, damages or injuries.
Yes, I confirm that the information provided is correct and I agree to the above registration rules and I have read all information on this registration page
I am happy to support the festival. You can send me flyers, which I can post in locations nearby.
Check: please enter the word "dance":
Solltet ihr keine automatische Bestätigungs-email ( sollte kurz nach deiner Anmeldung eingehen) erhalten bitte nochmal für weiter Infos melden, danke.
In case you don`t receive the automatic email response (should arrive short your after registration), please contact us again for further details, thank you.

If you already know:

Date and time of arrival
(at the airport or harbor):
Date and time of departure
(from the airport or harbor):