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Pre Festival Workshop

with Elske Seidel (DEU), Daniel Werner (DEU) and Gabi Neumann (DEU)
Contact Improvisation Training:
Tools & Toys for all levels - Systematic, Somatic, Playful
Studio Workshop / Lajares


Feb 28 + March 1, 2019

Hours: 2.5h/day, Thursday 9pm-11:30pm + Friday 9pm-11:30pm
Price: sliding scale 60-90 € (pay as you can)

In this workshop we will work technically and systematically on so called „pathways“ (CI vocabulary), to experience and understand the underlying principles of this wonderful dance form.

Furthermore we will play with elements from Body-Mind Centering and developmental movement to (re-)discover natural and organic movement qualities, and to find efficient body tone modulation and effortlessness, softness and strength for moving with shared weight.  

With different dance scores we create spaces and atmospheres in which technique, playfulness and improvisation can melt into truly multidimensional experiences of falling, flying and momentum. 

The systematic approach of this workshop is based on the curriculum of the Contact Improvisation Training Berlin ( and Hamburg. It is meant to prepare and support the festivals.



Post Festival Workshop

with Rohland Frenzel (DEU/ ESP)
From Silence to Action
a day in the desert

*with optional overnight stay in the desert and morning meditation

March 9, 2019

Hours: 3-6pm + 8-11pm
Price: sliding scale 75-100 € (pay as you can)

How much space does emptiness takes inside you?

How much silence is found in your movement?

In the desert sinking into silence, timelessness and expansion is a great invitation for me. In the desert is little room for our fast-moving digital-age.

The landscape awakens sensitively but also powerfully the underused resources of our energy system. A shared practice of silence and only few, but therefore essential words are cleaning, tiding and synchronizing the music of our inner source.

Refreshed, we come a step closer to our own primal “authentic movement and touch”

Consciously and intuitively we will realize pauses and the space in between, we will experience playfully the structure of permanent transformation between silence and movement in action…in dance, tinting and moving creatively with mother earth, eMOTIONal…embodied…in solo and together…

Between freedom and connectivity


Rohland Frohland (DEU/ ESP)

(formerly known as Moksha) 50, dances on a volcano in the atlantic sea, pioneer at GaneshAMOR on the island La Palma. As a passionate dancer, bodyworker, permaculturist, musician and bard, since the 1990ies, I create spaces of free learning and playing to experience effortless and sensual BE-ing. Inspired through the different artistical, therapeutical and spiritual systems I more and more enjoy LETTING GO of all these concepts. As a scorpio I love to dance with the shadows and the guardians at the borders and gates to new dimensions.