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1+2 March 2017

with Kabiro Eva Scheller (Ger)

Basic CI Principles for All-Levels:

Freshness, Flow and Strength in Contact Improvisation
Studio Workshop / Lajares

Hours: 3h/day, Thursday 3:30 pm-6:30 pm + Friday 3:30 pm-6:30 pm

Price: sliding scale 60-90 € (pay as you can)

In this workshop we will explore the basic principles of CI in a joyful, somatic and present way. How to experience movement more light and how to use gravity as a partner to lift up my own weight and other bodies.

We will play with the basic principles of counterbalance, pouring weight in a sensitive way, rolling contact point, folding, spiraling, moving through different levels and explore the magic of lifts out of momentum. 

Through trusting the flow of my own center, I can feel my strength and stability more clear and soft in dancing with others.

We will share a heart- and mindful atmosphere of touch, e-motion and freedom in dancing and creating life together.

Happy to meet you!


Kabiro Eva Scheller (Ger):

Dance- and Contact Improvisation since 1994, practitioner & teacher of Hawaiian Massage and Bodywork, festival organizer & initiator of Osterimprofestival & HealingHeartFestival (Ger) & Alohafestival (Hawaii).

Full-hearted dancer, bodyworker, teacher and counselor.,,