14th International

Fuerteventura Contact Improvisation Festival


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Festival 5.-11.3.2021
Contact Camp 26.2.-4.3.2021 & 12.3.-15.3.2021

Pre Festival Workshop

with Elske Seidel, Daniel Werner and Gabi Neumann

In this festival we will go on a journey together. We want to connect inside and outside, both as places and as parts of ourselves. We will have our focus on workshops outdoors in magical places taking time in nature to unwind and breath. Allowing every environment to reveal itself upon us – change us, move us. Every place offers unique gifts to learn from as we move through them and they move through us.

The indoor workshops become another setting from which to perceive and learn. The studio gives a focus and clarity, a lack of external stimulus, which in contrast, will offer a fresh simplicity to investigate and understand our dance more deeply.

Every session will be on a specific topic of Contact Improvisation, essential themes taking us deep into the ideas and the flavor of each experience. We will go together from one experience to the next, expanding awareness, sharing inspiration and discovery. We will learn by meeting, dancing, and enjoying!
Each of our outstanding international teachers has a special interest in Contact Improvisation, the outdoors and how both fit into a deep awareness of experience itself.

If you have questions, please check the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and do not hesitate to contact us!

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