Car Sharing Groups


During the Festival and the camp you will be responsible for your own transportation on the island, which means you need to take part in our car sharing system. The hostel is in the country ouside of Lajares. The studio is about 10 km away in Corralejo and we will be visiting various sites all over the island. In order to be on time for workshops, jams, etc and in order to be able to enjoy the island fully – you need a car!
Busses, scooters and bikes are not efficiently available and will not work for our community on this island.

This is how it works: We will ALL commit to one car group to share the costs. For efficiency, especially during camp time, we can switch around taking lifts with different people going at different times to different places, as needed. This only works peacefully if everyone takes part and works together.

You can either rent a car (and share the costs within your group) OR you can join a car group and pay your share.
To coordinate this we have a doodle group available. Your can post that you are renting a car and looking for people to join or if you are looking for a place in a car you can use this to find one. You can also see how long people are staying and find the ones who are staying around the same time like you.
Click here:  https://doodle.com/poll/cd7xwzmutemkvsdr
(This link is from this year’s festival. We will update this link when we open registration.)

To find a cheap rental car these sites might be helpful:
or (German)
We suggest getting a good insurance policy for the car. With a group car this is safest.
You can also call the car rental site for free for questions and advice. See links above for telephone numbers.

A car will be about 60-140€/week (so if you share a car with 5 people it will be about  20€/ week or less plus gas). Of course you can have our own car.

Unfortunately, we can not make exceptions concerning the car sharing system. Everyone has to be organized into the car sharing system.