Contact Camp

29.2.-6.3. & 14.3.-17.3.2020


Contact Camp is meant to deepen the festival experience and therefore is for festival participants only!
For exceptions contact the team.
The week before and after the festival. You can join anytime.
Costs: 10 € per night (for festival participants only).


Contact Camp is a unique and important part of the festival experience.
It is an invitation to share life and dance together in a beautiful location and a warm sunny climate. There will be no specific program or facilitation. The time is completely open for us to follow our needs, desires and interests. We can create, spend time together, dance, vacation, digest the festival, celebrate its resonance, ride the flow, develop it further and do what we wish. Studio access is usually possible.

Before the festival, during the first week of Contact Camp, we will build the community and the spirit for the festival, enjoying how the group is growing day by day. We will create our living space together, spending time making the place our home, making it beautiful and comfortable for all of us.

We will welcome everyday the new people arriving, joining the camp and the experience. Gradually, our community will grow, the dinner table will get larger and larger until everybody has arrived and the festival may begin …



Accommodations are the same as during the festival. You can choose between staying in the simple festival hostel at the Albergue de Cohombrillo (10-14 people per room in bunk-beds) or bringing your own tent – which is beautiful and the most peaceful option. You can put your tent anywhere on the open premises of the hostel. Bring everything else for sleeping/ camping (inflatable insulation pad, warm sleeping bag, sheets, pillow,…). Often there is the possibility to rent sheets and blankets (only an addition! Not warm enough for sleeping – you do need a warm sleeping bag!) from the hostel. We will give you more infomation about that shortly before the festival.



We can use the kitchen for individual or community cooking. We usually do dinner as a community (in some years also breakfast). Lunch is done individually.
It can be whatever we wish to create!