Besides the experience in the workshops there will be different elements of our journey together, indoor and outdoors:

  • Focused & Open Jamming (with and without life music)
  • Lagoon Jam into Sunset
  • Desert Night Jam
  • Canyon Excursion
  • Sharing Circles
  • Evening Bodywork
  • Somatics into Moving
  • Singing Circles
  • Disco Party!
  • Picnics



At different times of the day we will have focused and open jamming, indoors and outdoors. Some with partially guided warm ups and live music.
This is the time to celebrate CI, doing what we love, sharing dance, meeting in our endless playground, time to BE & integrate our experience from the day into our own dance exploration.

Lagoon Jam into Sunset

One of the magical places are the lagoons. Pools of water are created by the tide, water coming in and water moving out at different times of the day. Where the water is retreating dance places are opening up. In the lagoons the water is warmer and also safer than in the open ocean. A great invitation to enjoy the water together. As the sun is setting into the ocean we might meditate, celebrating the end of a dancing day.

Desert Night Jam

The amazing sand dunes near the ocean are transforming into the soft slopes of a sand desert moving inland. We will dance in the vastness of space and sky under the moon, on one side the ocean on the other the hills of the volcanos. We will dance into the sunset, changing light and shadows, bringing magical colors to this place. Experiencing emptiness & fullness.

Sharing Circle

When in a festival, in a new place with a lot of people, sharing life and dance together, a lot of things may move inside of us. We might resist, struggle, laugh, sigh and need our voice. We might need quiet, or we might want to process our stories out loud, a lot can happen. Gathering in small family-like circles, we can listen to and learn from each other, as we share our inner experience. The festival is about supporting ourselves and each other. We learn in community, as individuals finding ourselves unfolding in the dance of life.

Evening Bodywork

As the day comes to an end there will be the possiblity for Evening Bodywork. We have a studio for that. Bodywork in a focussed space, individual or with support of a teacher.
We also set up a bodywork / silent tent near the community space to be used during the day.

Somatics into Moving

Happening at the end of the day, this is a time to digest. A teacher will give a specific somatic seed and guide into solo exploration and movement from here without giving extensive new material but focussing on what is there already in the resonance of the day.

Disco Party!

One night will be our Disco Night.
We can go to town (Corralejo) into a bar called WAIKIKI right at the beach. Usually, when we go, there is nobody but us. We’ll dance a lot and then leave…
This is one option, or we stay at the albergue and have our own disco party in our community space with special DJ Danielo.

Dancing into sunset/ meditation/ continue your flow

Each day, following the afternoon workshops, there will be free time to continue dancing, following your own rhythm and interests. Being out in nature celebrating the end of the day together or alone. Watching the sun dip into the ocean. Calming down in silence or in singing.


Some days we will stay in a location after a workshop, bringing our food to the location, so there is time to just be. We will create the space so that our dance can continue, so that whatever wants to happen can happen.