List of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



I don’t have any experience in Contact Improvisation. Can I participate?
Most of the people coming to our festival will already bring some knowledge in Contact Improvisation. We recommend that you bring at least some previous experience, so you know Contact Improv is the thing for you.
Beginners are welcome!
We recommend to take the Pre Festival Workshop to understand communication in Contact Improvisation and feel more comfortable at the jams and workshops.

How much experience in CI do I need to participate in the festival?
We want you to bring at least a basic knowledge in Contact Improvisation. If you are an absolute beginner now, we recommend that you take classes before you come. In addition we recommend that you come early. Just before the festival -during Contact Camp- we will have a Pre Festival Workshop focussing on Contact technique. On the first day of the festival all classes will be focussing on fundamentals. Pre Festival Workshop Tools and Toys for Contact Improvisation / a technical approach for all levels with Elske Seidel, Daniel Werner & Gabi Neumann

My friend who is not participating in the festival would like to stay with me at the festival hostel – is that possible?
No, sorry.
We have limited spaces available and the hostel is for festival participants only!
Also Contact Camp is for festival participants only! If you bring someone for childcare or if we have spaces left, we might make exceptions.


Contact Camp

I don’t know yet how long I want to do Contact Camp. Can I leave the dates open?
Yes, you can.



Where will the indoor workshops be? Where will the jams be?
The indoor workshops and indoor jams will be in Lajares and maybe sometimes in Corralejo.

There is no internet in the albergue. But there are good internet connections in lovely cafes in Lajares, Cortillo, Corralejo, etc.



Can I share a car when I have no driving license?
Yes, you can. Just make it clear in your car sharing group so that others will have a license. Usually, two people can drive the car according to the rental contract. If you want more drivers in your car you need to pay around € 10 for the extra driver (can be different for different car rental companies).

I haven’t got any answer on my doodle-request. Do you know anything about how the cars have worked out?
Sorry, we are not organizing that. This is up to you. If you did not have an answer yet it might mean that you are the first one. You can:
> be patient and wait till you have an answer. You will get lots of answers – for sure.
> you can go ahead and rent a car (so you will have a cheap offer) and people will join you whenever they get around organizing.
> even if you are very late. Be patient! Your car most likely will fill up.

I would prefer to rent a bike, is that possible?
Yes, it is possible – but more in theory. You will have to bike rather long distances in the heat and strong wind every day. We do not recommend bikes but really encourage you to car-share. Bikes in addition are fine!

Can I use public transportation or hitch-hiking instead of car-sharing?
No, sorry. Everyone has to take his or her share in the car rental. This is how its works: We will take our share in one group, but we can switch around taking lifts with different people going on different times and to different places. This only works peacefully, if everyone takes his/her share in this. It is not expensive! Depending on your group maybe € 5/ day.

I would prefer to rent a scooter, is that possible?
Honestly, I searched the whole island for a scooter rental and I found only one place (in Corralejo) which was very expensive. On the streets of Fuerteventura you almost see no scooters at all!

Can you pick me up from the airport?
Unfortunately, no! We will be very busy organizing the camp, the festival, the teacher’s meeting  and the Pre Festival Workshop happening right before the festival. Please organize your own transportation within your car sharing group or through the doodle list.



Will the studio be at our disposal the entire day during the workshop and the CI-Camp? Is it possible to leave some stuff there safely during the day, when we/I go to the beach or elsewhere?
We have the studios at different times during the day, mostly at night. Usually, other people will be using the studios and you cannot leave your stuff there.

Will the hostel be safe to leave stuff?
We recommend to have your valueables with you at all times and to not leave them in the trunck of your car.


Food Issues

How is the food organized? I am not eating gluten, …?
Please let us know your special needs! Please contact Gabi: gabriele.neu@gmx.de



Can I pay when I arrive?
Yes, after you have transferred the deposit you can pay the rest in cash on your arrival day.